Prepare for freedom!

Image created by: OtherGirlArt

Freedom? What’s freedom you may ask? It’s one that we are all itching to understand clearly…

According to the latest news, the day that England goes back to ‘Normal’ (known as Freedom day) has been identified as Monday 19th July 2021.

However, circumstances may change if there is new guidance to be pushed out the the country by Boris Johnson (UK’s Prime Minister) before the expected day of the restrictions easing.

Update’s can be found by going to the UK Governments website:

How do we prepare for this day?

As freedom day is just a day of the restrictions easing, there isn’t physically anything you need to do to prepare for this day. It’s like slicing a soft piece of cake, just relax and let the main part do all the work for you.

However, if you are wanting to do something to celebrate this day, then make sure you do it safely whatever that maybe.

Just remember that although the restrictions are easing more, we ALL still have a part to play in keeping ourselves and other safe from any future problems with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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